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6. November 23, 2010
- A Blessing in St. Michael's Town Church

5. November 14, 2010
- More About Bidu in New York
   - Bidu and the Two Presidents in Her New York Apartment
   - War Time: President Roosevelt
   - War Time: Mussolini
- My New Chapter
   - The Doll Maker

4. October 25, 2010
-Reflecting on New York
-Bidu's New York City Home
-The Manon Costume
-1964 Interview: Thoughts about Toscanini - The Man behind the Legend
-Bidu's first encounter with Arturo Toscanini

3. October 10, 2010
- In New York and Bidu's Metropolitan Debut

2. October 03, 2010

-Grass Roots and the Moment of Change
-My First Singing Experiences in Germany
-Gearing up for the First Trip of the Project (New York City)

1. September 26, 2010
- An Introduction to the People Behind the Story

September 5, 2010
- Life in Germany